5 Must-Haves For Boho-Chic Home Decor This Holiday Season

It’s almost impossible to ignore the eclectic presence of layered bohemian designs everywhere. Whether you take “Vogue” or “Glamour,” chances are, you’d find at least one piece of design inspired by boho-chic ethics.

The same is valid with home decor too.

Today, it is pretty interesting to witness how homeowners are transforming their abode with mixed pieces of modern and vintage periods.

And, what’s more interesting is the fact that these collections are pretty amusing to eyes and do not seem cluttered at all.

At least, the ones that are designed keeping a motif in mind are definitely not cluttered.

Nonetheless, if you want to bring boho-chic decor to your home this holiday season, you’ve definitely clicked on the right article.

Keep reading and find yourself some inspiring must-have pieces for your bohemian home decor project.


Put Up A Wall Rug

Well, hipsters love it, and we assume you will too.

A woven piece of rug fits in perfectly with the boho decor scheme, giving a vintage look to your home.

Not to mention, a wall rug also creates a statement wall in your home. You can leave it as such or use it to showcase your heirlooms.

Keep in mind, while choosing the rug, you need not worry about the print or the color scheme. After all, mix-n-match is what bohemian decor is all about.

Include A Glass Bong

Well, as hippy or stoner-like as it may seem, glass bongs are an essential element of the boho design.

You can search for bougie glass bong designs to suit your taste. But, remember, you don’t have to go all matchy with the rest of your decor theme.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you choose a glass piece that does not break too quickly and is indeed clean and hygienic.

Multi-Tonal Print

Bohemian style is all about mixing and not matching or synchronizing anything.

You can add as many colors, patterns, or textures as you may want to your room. And it is perhaps the most essential feature to keep in mind while decorating boho.

Put up multi-tonal prints on your beds, sofas, and everywhere in your room/home. It should help anchor the space and bring in all the color and enthusiasm to the area.

Don’t Forget Plants

What good is a boho design if it does not reflect any freshness?

Well, you need plants, and you need a lot of them to freshen up your space.

Perhaps, you can choose succulents, terrariums, or you can also go for ferns.

Just put them in a glass container, and they’ll work their magic for your space.


Another must-have that you just can’t skip on is adding mirrors to your space.

Choose oblique designs and shapes when buying or installing mirrors in your home. You may also choose mirrors with some stoic etchings or carvings.

Try grouping your mirrors together in one area to have a more impactful design.

It’ll not only add life to your space but also help you reduce your utility bills by reflecting and enhancing natural light.

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