How to Encourage Your Teenage Son to Be Well Groomed

Teenagers! It’s no secret that these years can be challenging for any mom. You’ll likely spend a large amount of time watching your beautiful bouncy little boy turn into a smelly grunting young person before he emerges into a well-adjusted man.


You can help them through this tough period, though, and for most moms, spending time taking an interest in your son’s fashion choices is a great way to start on the path to him being a well-groomed man. 


A good cut, healthy hair, and clean nails can make all the difference to how your teen holds himself. Let’s look at some ways you can encourage your son to maintain a good level of grooming during these often difficult years.

Let Him Try Different Clothing Styles


These days there are so many different styles for teens to try out, and fashion helps them to fit in socially.


Help your kid to find their style by offering to pay for a haircut or picking out an outfit with them at the shops. This will be a nice way to bond with them, and if you don’t allow your child freedom in their choice of clothing, you might limit the amount they want to get involved.


Another benefit of letting your teen try different styles is that they often knock off the worst elements from each fashion phase and develop their own sense of what they like. 


It’s especially important to encourage them to be proud of their clothing choices for special occasions. Chicago custom suits company, Esq Clothing, is a great place to find high-quality custom smart clothing for important events that will give your teen a boost.

Encourage His Exploration of Grooming Products 


Although it might seem strange to think about, your teen will most likely enjoy exploring all the options out there when he starts looking at facial and body grooming products. Help your son to find the best products by making a special time for trying different kits or products together.


Share what you like and dislike about each product, as this will help him to develop a sense of what works for him and what doesn’t. This is a great way to take an interest in your son’s life without being controlling or restrictive.

Treat Your Teen as a Teenager (and Not a Child)


The best way to get your teen to take an interest in exploring their grooming options is by not treating them like a child.


Teenagers want to be treated like teenagers; if you force them to do things you would do when you were younger, they will probably rebel. Try encouraging your son by letting him know that it’s OK for him to try things out.


When he is ready, he’ll start taking some pride in his appearance without the need for a lot of encouragement from you.

Compliment Him on Hard Work


While helping your son to explore his options without being controlling or limiting, it is important to remind him how much you appreciate how hard he works to look good.


Taking an interest in grooming products isn’t always easy, and you will be helping your son by offering to take an interest in what he’s trying out.


A great way to do this is by taking note of your teen’s efforts when he has taken time and effort with his appearance and offer him a small reward for getting it right. Even a clear word of encouragement could be enough to boost his self-esteem!


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