Common Treatment Options for Flat Head Syndrome

Do you notice your baby has a flat spot on their head? This condition is common among infants because the plates in their skull are not fused together. When your baby spends a lot of time laying on their back or side, the weight of their head pushes against their bones and creates a flat area. There are varying degrees of flatness, and though it doesn’t cause pain or cognitive issues, reach out to your doctor and see if they have any concerns. To help your infant’s head become rounder, follow these suggestions. 

Ask Your Doctor About a Helmet 

You may be wondering does my baby need a helmet for flat head spots? If your baby’s condition is more severe or routine treatment hasn’t helped them, reach out to your pediatrician. This helmet fits your child’s head tightly in areas where it is round and loosely in areas where it isn’t. This forces the skull to grow in these flat areas only. A device like this takes time and consistency to do its job, so stay committed to the process for the best results. 

Hold Your Baby More Often

Every time your infant is riding in their car seat, laying in a crib or relaxing in their swing, pressure is put on the back of their head. If you are trying to change the shape of that spot, then keep them from laying on it as often. The best way to do this is to hold your baby more. You can use a baby carrier or wrap to secure them to you so your hands are free and they get to the added benefit of being close to you, too.

Put Your Infant on Their Tummy for Play Time

Spending time playing with your baby is a treat for any new parent. When your infant is a few weeks old, add in daily tummy time. During this supervised activity, lay your baby on their belly and turn their head to the side. This exercise is a great way to build a more muscular neck and, eventually, arm strength to roll and crawl. Taking time off from laying on their back helps reshape their head over time. As they get better at holding their head up, you can add some toys or a mirror to keep them entertained and nurture their curiosity.

Adjust Your Child’s Head When They Are Asleep

If your baby has a flat spot on their head, there is a natural tendency for their head to fall in that direction as they sleep at night. To adjust this, gently turn their head to the other direction after they have fallen asleep. Even if they move around at night, change their position to a different direction when you can. 

Your baby’s skull is soft during the early part of their life. When they spend a lot of their time lying in one spot, it’s common for them to develop a flat area on their head as the pressure from their head puts pressure on these soft bones. Making minor adjustments to their daily routine can help their head become round again. 

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