Reasons Why Health and Beauty E-commerce are Rising

In 2020, people need more beauty and health products in their daily lives, especially with the COVID-19 global threat. Living in a world of fear and isolation, people now rely on things they can buy online. This incident has presented an excellent opportunity for online shops to shine.


Over the years, beauty and health in the ecommerce industries have seen tremendous growth across all sectors. Brands are successfully launching products online and enticing people to purchase them. You can also start your beauty ecommerce site by having Asian Beauty Wholesale as your trusted supplier,
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Here are some of the reasons beauty ecommerce and health websites are becoming more in-demand and popular this year:

1. Global Entertainment Industry

The world has been influenced by the Korean wave, and by 2018, the Korean beauty market has an estimated worth of $13.1 billion. Online streaming platforms have gained popularity over the last few years, and people find themself watching Kdramas despite the language barrier. These dramas and movies promote Korean food, music, and beauty products. 


Koreans are known for their glass-skin like complexion, and to achieve that, you need to follow ten or more skincare steps and products. Now that everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy skin, online purchases for health, and beauty products have increased tremendously.

2. Stay-at-Home Protocols

One of the most obvious reasons why online purchases are the trend these days is because of the Coronavirus restrictions forcing non-essential retailers to close down their stores. People have less access to beauty and health shop’s physical stores compared to previous months. The enhanced community quarantine and lockdown should be one of the main reasons for the gigantic leap in beauty and ecommerce sales. 


Forter released a data analysis revealing that the ecommerce sales in the beauty and health industry have surpassed other categories. According to the global merchant network, Forter, the report covers more than $150 billion global commerce transactions and 100 global businesses worldwide. Customers stuck at home bought over 50 to 100% more in their purchasing volume on health, beauty, and skincare in the week starting March 22, 2020. The data analysis matched the 30% decrease in purchases of physical goods and another 30% drop in sales in products related to the accessories and apparel industry. 


The data gathered also showed a 100% spike in the website traffic for food, beverage, and delivery services, paired with a 150% increase in sales as these shoppers took the time to buy and stock up groceries through online grocery sites. The consumer’s need to stock up on the essential goods has gone up to a 20% increase in the average order value. 


With that being said, the crisis is one of the reasons why people prefer buying beauty and health products in 2020. 

3. Forming New Home Habits and Hobbies

Before the imposed lockdowns and home quarantines, people have been busy with out-of-home activities such as traveling, school, or work. Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time in their houses and have developed habits to cope with cabin fever.


Consumers have started to switch and adjust their practices due to government restrictions. Now that they can no longer visit the gym, people are buying workout equipment online. Other people were developing a new affinity with gardening and started buying gardening tools online. When grocery shopping is no longer an option, people switch to online grocery delivery services to fill in their needs.


If you currently own an ecommerce website, you might find it helpful to offer localized services and deliveries to accommodate the needs of the people in your own neighborhood.

4. The Year of Self-Love

The spike in health and beauty sales translates into how people are starting to love and take care of their bodies now more than ever. Girls are finally doing a skincare routine they’ve been dying to try but couldn’t do due to work schedules. People are now more conscious of their health, therefore, investing in vitamins and supplements.

The Bottomline

This crisis has completely overturned the old lifestyle, as countries have experienced recessions and economic crises. It has affected everyone mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Items like scented candles, crystals, and salt lamp sold in most beauty ecommerce sites have also increased in sales. There are many self-growth, self-love, and self-meditation channels that can help you get through these trying times. People are clinging to every single thing that can help them find peace.



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