Saving The Planet, Coffee Cup By Coffee Cup

If you’re anything like me, there’s no chance of functioning without that morning cuppa. It’s the only thing that turns me from an exhausted mummy into super mom. And it’s the same case for many moms all around the world.

But what you might not know is the effects our morning coffee is having on the planet.

And I’ll give you a clue; it’s not great. When we decided to have our children, we promised to protect them against all the evil in the world. So, what would you do if I told you K-cups are one of these evils?

Would you believe and stop your coffee consumption, or would you go about daily life, not worrying? 

If it’s the latter, I hope this changes your mind:

In this article, I want to show you why K-cups are so bad for the environment, and why your children will thank you further down the line. 

Let me explain:


The Dangerous Effects Of K-Cups

Recently K-cups have been in the firing line by eco-warriors all around the world. There destructive nature and potential for severe environmental impact has opened eyes and made them question the sustainability of K-cups. 

If you haven’t heard the hype, let me fill you in:

By the end of 2014, it was thought that almost 25% of American homes owned some sort of single brew coffee machine. This resulted in over 75 million homes brewing single cup coffee.

Saving The Planet, Coffee Cup By Coffee Cup


This number is staggering for a few reasons, firstly the average American households contain three people, and on average, drink three coffees per day. I’ll let you do the math, but that’s a hell of a lot of coffee.

The worst bit is these coffee pods are all single-use products. And it’s this that is causing the real problems. 

If you did the math, you’d realize that nearly 675 million K-cups are being used every day. Obviously this number is a rough estimation, but it’s still staggering.

You might not think it at first, but these little K-cups are causing enormous problems for our waste system. This is for a few reasons:


  1. They don’t biodegrade
  2. The quantity that’s being consumed
  3. The materials being used can harm your health


K-cups are made of a few key components, including a foil lid and a plastic container. These materials are not known to biodegrade, and when you add it to the number of pods used each day, I’m sure you can start to see the problem.

 Not only do they not biodegrade, but recycling them can also be an issue. To recycle K-cups effectively, you must split them down, which requires time, money, and effort.

Then you have the fact that the materials can also have adverse effects on your health. When plastic is heated, it allows plastic chemicals to leach into your beverage. And it’s these chemicals that can lead to hormone problems or infertility.

So, what can you do to help save your children’s future? 

Biodegradable K-Cups: The Saving Grace

Don’t worry ladies; you don’t have to give up your morning cuppa yet! Biodegradable K-cups are a great way of getting your morning fix without damaging the planet.

And here’s why:

Biodegradable K-cups use eco-friendly materials that allow you to compost them once done. The lids are made with paper, and the outside is made with an all-natural mesh.

By having the ability to compost your old coffee pods, not only do you help save your local landfill, but you can leave all-important nutrients behind for your plants.

So, ladies, that’s how we start making the future better for our children. By caring about the future, we can help ensure our children see the beauty in the world. It takes zero effort to make the switch.

And the best bit is:

They don’t taste any different from your favorite brands; you honestly can’t tell the difference. Here’s a couple of my favs:

  • Cameron’s Coffee
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Tayst Coffee

Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll be presently surprised and delighted with doing your part for the environment.


What To Do With Your Non-Recyclable K-Cups

Now, don’t go chucking your old coffee pods away to quickly, you can still put them to good use! There’s no point in furthering the waste problem; instead, why not turn in to an arts and crafts session with your babies.

It’s a fantastic way of still enjoying your coffee and put them to good use afterward. Here’s a couple of my favs:

Make Circle Stamps

Kids LOVE to paint, anything that makes a mess, and they are in! K-cups have a perfectly circular shape, which makes them great stamps. Dip the rim of the cup in some paint and let your baby stamp away.


I know they’re small, but they’re a great size if you’re trying to regulate their sugar intake. The best bit is they have great fun making them, and it costs pennies. Just clean out the inside and fill it with their desired flavors.


Final Thoughts

Switching from your favorite brands can be a tough decision to make. We invest so much time and money into a product we begin to feel attached. And it makes the switch so much more difficult. 

But I ask you to think of the future, how do you want to leave it for the generations to come. With climate issues raising and oceans being polluted, it time we act. Make your children proud and switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.



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