The Importance of Pond Maintenance

Having a pond will provide numerous benefits for the surrounding environment. For example, ponds will fill with rainwater, hydrating the surrounding plants. This helps families conserve water. Ponds will also reduce the size of the lawn, saving homeowners time and money on mowing. While lawn care might be reduced, it is also important to perform routine pond maintenance. Learn more about a few tasks that need to be carried out regularly.

Clean Routinely

Garden ponds are going to accumulate debris such as dirt and leaves over time. While leaves might appear harmless, they can actually destroy an aquatic ecosystem as they die. When leaves decay, they release toxic gases. These are passed through the pondwater, killing plants and animals. It is critical to remove these leaves using a skimmer as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, pond vacuums can be used to remove sludge. Even though some sludge is necessary to fuel the growth of planktonic algae, too much sludge can damage nearby plants. Specialized nozzle heads might be needed to clean around gravel.

Grow Water Plants

A thriving pond ecosystem is going to require healthy plants. Early summer is a great time to introduce new shrubs to the aquatic environment. The water is warm enough to support rapid plant growth. Some of the most popular options include marginals, floaters, lilies, and marshes. These plants will provide the water with a strong supply of oxygen which will support other living organisms. Avoid using fertilizers as these can poison the water. Finally, cull the plants regularly to prevent their leaves from blocking the sun’s UV rays. They are important for photosynthesis.

Remove Ice

During the cooler months, ice will become a major problem. If the water freezes, this is going to present a major danger to the plants. This will prevent oxygen from reaching the lower levels of the pond, starving wildlife of important nutrition. To prevent freezing, pond heaters and de-icers work well. If there is already ice present, a hot pan will melt it quickly. Never try to break up the ice, as this will harm plants that might be frozen. Finally, constructing a cover can also insulate the pond; however, ensure the material is transparent. This will allow the sun to heat the pond.

Maintain Ponds Appropriately

Ponds are a great addition to nearly any yard; however, they need to be maintained appropriately. Follow a detailed schedule to create a thriving aquatic ecosystem.  

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