Ways to Save Money Before You Have a Baby

Having a baby comes with many expenses, sometimes before deciding to get pregnant we forget the price of baby items and this leads to a lot of confusion when you have to start purchasing things such as nappies, prams and other baby accessories. Rather than leave you in the dark about these expensive yet necessary items, we have curated a way you can save money before the baby arrives.

It’s important to do this as you don’t want to be relaying on credit or parents when they are here if you want something for your baby that is a little luxurious. Take our advice, you want to save up and get a beautiful egg pram or your dream baby cot. Whatever it is that you want for your happy new baby, you can get when you have a good sum of money in a savings account. However, you may also want to save for your children or when your baby is here, if you’re wanting to save for their future you can do this with our tips too. Saving money with a family can be difficult but we promise these following tips are reasonable and achievable!

  1. Cut down on takeout’s and coffees

One of the biggest drainers of money has to be takeout’s and takeaway coffees. Whether you grab one on your way to work in the morning or you end up eating a dominos on a Friday night – it’s not healthy or good for your bank balance. While cutting down on these unnecessary expenditures won’t add a great deal of savings or extra money to your bank, it still gives you something to work with. For example, if you spend £3 a day for even just 3 days a week, this is £9. If you find out you’re pregnant at 12 weeks and you’re pregnant for 40 then this means you can save for the other 28 weeks at £9 meaning you will end your pregnancy with £252. This is quite a considerable amount!

  1. Walk rather than taking your car or the bus

We don’t suggest this idea when you’re nearly having your baby, but on the run up to these last few weeks, you can save some money through using your feet over a car or bus. This is not only better for the environment, but It’s also cost effective too. We wouldn’t suggest something that wasn’t! Before you know it, you’ll be able to afford that gorgeous luxury pram or something else beautiful for your baby.

Ways to Save Money Before You Have a Baby

  1. Set up a direct debit

Most of the time, people have the money to save but they only chose to do this at the end of the month when they are running out of money which puts them off transferring money into a savings account. Instead, set up a direct debit standing order to the savings account for the 1st of the month (or another date that suits you and your payday!). Only pay in what you know you can afford and nothing that will leave you short throughout the month though as this is better for you and your peace of mind!

  1. Stuck at home? Set up a little business

Do you have a hobby or skill that people will love to buy from you? Start your own little business while you’re on maternity leave or even during your weekends. Knit hats and scarfs or try something more difficult such as designing jewellery or painting. If you set up an Instagram or Facebook page and you’re good at what you do, the orders will come rolling in. Personalised baskets are particularly popular during Christmas and Easter periods if this is something, you’d be interested in. keep the extra bits of money you get to treat your little baby when they arrive. Running a business can seem stressful but if you keep it fun and exciting then it won’t even seem like you’re doing work. Who knows, maybe after the baby is born you may even want to carry on with it and do it full-time!

  1. Sell old clothes and toys

There are probably hundreds of old items in your home, stuck in cupboards and at the back of wardrobes. However, getting these out, cleaning them up and selling them on can be a great way to make some money that can contribute towards your baby fund. If you have designer bits that can sell for even more money but they’re no longer any use to you, definitely sell these on the likes of Depop or eBay. There is a world full of people who want the things you don’t, utilise this!

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