What Are The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. Through carefully made and studied processes, CBD oil is extracted. Over the years, and primarily through its legalization, CBD oil has seen an upward spike in popularity. Its medical use, which was once questioned, has now been backed by science and positive results of patients who dared try it. From then on, there seems to be no stopping its demand.


Learn more about CBD oil and its scientifically proven benefits by reading through below.


  1. Treats Epilepsy


One of the most significant breakthroughs that CBD oil has brought the medical world is its ability to treat epilepsy. Patients who have lost all hope for better management of their seizures now have seen a new light through the effectivity of CBD oil. CBD works as a medicinal alternative to pills as it gives all the effects that other pills can provide, minus the feeling of getting dependent or addicted.


Just like in taking other medications, it’s better that you take the advice of a medical professional before using CBD Oil. Doing so helps you in selecting the proper dose, as well as the proper CBD oil for your needs.

  1. Lowers Risk Of Obesity And Diabetes


When CBD oil is absorbed by the body, it stimulates the hormone known as ghrelin. While this hormone may increase appetite, it also has the dual function of increasing the metabolism of carbohydrates. Through CBD, therefore, those suffering from slow metabolism, which often leads to diabetes and obesity, now have a better form of management of their symptoms.


Additionally, CBD is successful in converting the white fat of the body to brown fat, a process that aids in weight reduction as it helps in insulin production and sugar metabolism. This interplay is very beneficial for diabetic patients as excessive insulin production and slow metabolism of sugar are the two key players in preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes.


  1. Helps Manage Anxiety


Another benefit of CBD that’s backed up by science is its efficiency in managing anxiety, a mental condition that’s commonly experienced across the world. Anxiety is better managed through CBD because of the compound’s ability to interact positively with the receptors controlling serotonin. This neurotransmitter plays an invaluable role in your mental health. For people with depression and anxiety, serotonin levels are so low. With CBD, the levels are increased, thereby also creating better and more positive moods.


  1. Increases Good Cholesterol Levels


Cholesterol profile refers to the amount of bad and good cholesterol in the body. For a better cholesterol profile, the bad cholesterol levels must stay low, else, you’re also at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. CBD has the effect of increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) or good cholesterol.


Also, CBD reduces not just external inflammation, but internal inflammation as well. When it interacts with receptors in the body, chronic inflammatory disorders, which also result in cardiovascular problems, are reduced.


  1. Improves Sleep, Treats Insomnia


Insomnia refers to the inability of a person to fall asleep fast and well. This can be cumbersome, especially when experienced regularly. Sleep is needed for the body to function well the next day. It’s the best source of relaxation to help the body recharge. For people suffering from insomnia, it can affect their ability to function and think well for the next day.


The following factors cause insomnia:


  • Intake of caffeine late in the afternoon
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Environmental factors such as loud noise around


CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. This helps your body to create a state of stability and balance, also referred to as homeostasis. In turn, your body can enjoy a better quality of sleep.


  1. Reduces Risk Of Cancer


The ability of CBD oil to reduce the risk of cancer still remains debatable as the proper dose for it to do so is yet to be determined, but with regard to the aspects of prevention and pain relief, the said compound has shown promising results. Many patients have found success in the reduction of the size of tumors. Cancers can often occur after tumors have increased in size, which makes them malignant.


Topical CBD products are also useful in protecting the skin against medical conditions associated with the UV rays of the sun. Too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun could lead to skin cancer. Through the topical application of CBD, you have a layer of protection, similar to how sunscreens work.


Along this line, however, it’s imperative as well to always seek the advice of a medical professional. It’s not correct to substitute conventional cancer treatment for cancer with CBD.




CBD oil is prevalent nowadays for many, varied reasons. But, remember that not everything that you read about it may be true. Especially when you’re planning to use CBD oil for medical purposes, you first have to make sure that the claims are backed by science. Else, you are completely misusing CBD.

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