9 Annoying Things About Instagram #Instagram

Recently I started using Instagram. I don’t understand the hype. It’s not well organized and it’s difficult to post links with images and everything needs to come from a phone or tablet. BLAH!

Anyway! These are my 9 beefs with Instagram.

1. The fact that I get 100 notifications a day that some random person from FaceBook joined Instagram.
– Why does Instagram think I can? I don’t.

2. That I can’t turn off the 100 notifications a day the tell me some random person from FaceBook joined Instagram
– Every program should have a DON’T SEND ME A NOTIFICATIONS feature.

3. People who only post 1 type of image. I don’t care if you are promoting your daughters girls scout troop – how is that your entire life? 597 Pictures over 1 week of nothing but this troop? IT’S TIME YOU GOT A LIFE! And start letting your daughter start enjoying hers – undocumented!

4. Shameless promoting. I don’t care what you’re selling. I’m going to unfollow you if you’re not entertaining me. I follow all the members of the Today Show – they don’t promote the show or themselves – they post pictures of behind the scenes. Is that promotional, yes. But it’s entertaining – take the Hint!

5. Porn – get dressed. You’re ugly.
– No one wants to see your boobs! (or other body parts) You’re the only one who cares what you look like.

6. Incoherent comments.
Just shut up. I’m not going to return the comment so don’t feel obligated to leave one on my photo.

7. Blurred photos – I don’t want to play ‘guess the photo’ unless there is a prize at the end!

8. Photo Baiting.
– Don’t post pictures of breastfeeding or dog beatings just to piss people off.
If you breastfeed – great. If you feel the need to take a selfie – great. But don’t combine it with comments just to start a riot. Breastfeeding is supposed to be a great experience for you not an act of war.

9. People who <3 every photo.
I don’t play those games, don’t bother. And don’t post comments asking me to return the comment – that’s not a comment and I don’t need comments on my photos.

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