AMAZON won’t allow purchases under $25 from PRIME Members #amazon @amazon

AMAZON Restricts PRIME Member Purchases Under $25


AmazonNothing pisses me off more than when I want to purchase something, I put it in my cart and when I get to the digital check out they pull some kind of crap like Amazon’s new policy.

I was trying to purchase training pants for my daughter, but Amazon will only allow me to make a purchase IF my order comes to MORE than $25.

Now if I want to purchase an item under $25 from one of their sellers – that’s fine, but because I have “Prime” I can’t purchase a $5 item and have it shipped to my house EVEN IF I PAY FOR THE SHIPPING!!

After 20 minutes of trying to order these stupid training pants I finally called Amazon and was told by their customer service rep that if I didn’t purchase over $25, I wouldn’t by able to purchase the pants.

I can’t order $25 worth of training pants – FIRST I have to put $25 worth of stuff into my cart and ONLY THEN can I purchase the “Add-On” Items.

At first I thought they were just items marked as “Add-On” for whatever reason, but NO, it’s because Amazon gives free shipping to people with PRIME and they would have to ship smaller packages to people if they didn’t have this new Rule.

I told them that I would PAY THE SHIPPING! But NOPE! If I’m not purchasing OVER $25 worth of products I’m not worth their time.

Well, this chick gets 10,000+ visitors a DAY = I wonder how they are going to feel about THIS POST!

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