Anti-Cold Gift Bag for the Classroom #cold #flu #yuck!

Anti-Cold Gift Bag for the Classroom

Anti-Cold Gift Bag for the Classroom #cold #flu #yuck

I was wondering around Wal-Mart last week when I picked up a jar of disinfectant wipes and thought “I bet they could use these at the girl’s school!”

It’s cold and flu season and I really don’t want it coming home. If we could just kill the illness bugs before they reach our door it would be nice.

A few years ago I received a note from the school nurse because I sent my daughter to school with a cold. I replied “I didn’t send her to school with a cold, she is simply returning the one that she picked up there. Please keep it.”

Anti-Cold Gift Bag for the Classroom #cold #flu #yuck So in an effort to keep the Yucky-ness at school I thought I’d help out with a few things. PLEASE make some suggestions as to what I can include in the next bag.

This time I included just a few items with notes – the notes where in the hopes of making the teachers smile.

I printed them out on sticky notes. And Yes, I’ll include a template printable! lol
[Printable filled in]
[Printable empty]

* Tissues for the classroom

* A snack for when someone forgets theirs
I included a box of gram crackers

* Because the school paper towels don’t soak up anything
I put in a roll of paper towels

* Band aids for BooBoos
Latex free band aids – Minion Designs, because school band aids are boring!

* Disinfectant wipes
And I even went with the Name Brand! I don’t use the name brand, but I want to make sure that those germs are dead!

* Bag & Clip for the classroom
Because what classroom doesn’t need a reusable bag and a clip to close stuff.

Anti-Cold Gift Bag for the Classroom #cold #flu #yuck

Now I thought an Anti-Cold Gift Bag was a great little gift for the classroom, however my oldest daughter had other ideas!

Riley came home from school and told me that if I bring a ‘treat’ to school that it must be food, and more importantly, snack related.
She then informed me that I must make the class donuts (: and you know how it is, if I make them for one kid’s class I have to do it for the other!

So now I’m planning out …. ready for this …. gluten free, dairy free, nut free donuts.
Is soy considered a nut?

What can I put in these bags the next time? Or should I just make them for the Teachers?
My oldest has 1 teacher in her class, but my youngest is in the Autism room – there are a lot of teachers – but still, it would be worth it!

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