Why You MUST Buy a Bacon Wave [As Seen On TV]

Bacon Wave
[As Seen On TV]

Bacon Wave 1

First this is NOT a Sponsored post. I purchased this item. I am NOT being paid to write this.

I hate to cook.
I’ll be honest – I HATE cleaning up after cooking.
After I cook and eat I want to SIT! Just like a guy. I don’t want to clean up.
I don’t mind cleaning up the next morning, but I hate having dirty dishes in the sink – so I’m stuck – Either I clean or no one eats.

So when I saw a commercial for the Bacon Wave I figured “microwave bacon then toss the sucker into the dishwasher” I can handle that!

What I didn’t know was, DEAR HEAVENS, how much grease we had been eating. [see image below]
It’s not that we eat a lot of bacon, but if I’m going to make a meat it usually a bacon wrapped something.

When I saw the Bacon Wave on TV I figured they probably had it at Wal-Mart and while I was there today, sure enough – for Under $10!

As soon as the girls walked in the door they spotted the Bacon on the Box. My youngest was insistent that the bacon was in the box – and when she opened it and there wasn’t – I went out real quick and got a pound of bacon.
I mean she actually ASKED for it Using Actual Words “I.Want.A.Bacons.Please”
That’s a mouthful for a Barely Verbal Autistic Kiddo.

Bacon Wave

The first direction should read “Cut Package of Bacon in Half” lol I was able to wrap the bacon around each slot once. Next time, I’ll grab a Ginsu and slice the entire package in to half.

Before cooking I had to check the back of Microwave for the watt-age. Then I had to clean behind the microwave as to not cause a fire.

I used the splatter guard – Careful!
If you use a splatter guard – which I highly recommend – but if you use it, when you lift the guard after it’s finished cooking – it’s HOT!!! Freaking HOT!
So let it sit for a few minutes and cool.

Bacon Wave

After I gave my daughter a practice spelling test, we attempted to take the Bacon Wave out of the microwave again. OMGOSH! It was worth the wait. Some of the Best Bacon I’ve ever tasted.

But then came the Shocker! The grease! The commercial doesn’t lie! Look at the Grease! GAGE!

Bacon Wave

I’m going out tomorrow and buying one for my dad for Christmas! It’s going to be early – VERY Early. I’m not sure how much bacon my step mom allows him to eat, but she may allow him a few more slices if she knows how much grease is NOT in it.

[side note: My step mother is a gift from God – Especially when it comes to my father’s diet.]

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