ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Entertain me? #MomRant

Entertain me?

Are you kidding me

This morning as I was browsing down the FaceBook feed I saw an image reading: “Here we are now, entertain us” posted to the Today’s Show FaceBook.
School Age Children telling parents to Entertain them? Really? No! No! No!

If your kid ever utters the words “I’m Bored” – YOU are doing it wrong.
There is laundry, dishes, the toilets can use a good cleaning! Look kid, I love spending time with you, but you will ‘entertain’ yourself.

People complain about millennials growing up to be dependent and entitled – No Joke. Obviously they are being entertained by parents and care givers 24/7 and never learning how to do anything for themselves.

When I showed the Meme to my 12 year old daughter she pointed to the laundry basket in our living room and said – isn’t that how we’re suppose to ‘entertain ourselves’ if we get bored? Exactly!

There are more than enough articles around right now that explain, in great detail, why you should let your child be bored. It’s good for them.
If you let your child figure out Small Problems like how to entertain themselves than later in life they will figure out bigger problems without you, like how and when to use a condom!

The idea behind raising children is to teach them! Let them make mistakes and then help them correct their mistakes. If a child can’t do something as simple as entertain themselves how are they going to do anything else in life? Children develop important life skills when they must come up with their own solution for boredom.

If you want your child to be self-reliant Stop doing everything for them.

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