Back to School forms & paperwork always makes me laugh #back2school

Back to School

Back to School

When you register your child for Kindergarten, usually you go into the school and make out a ream and a half of paperwork work. Each page repeating what you wrote on the previous page.
Then on the first day of Kindergarten your child comes home with a large packed of paperwork identical to what you made out before and they want you to make it all out again!

Every year as the kids go back to school it’s the same.

*First they want you to review a page of information, cross out all incorrect information and beside it write in the correct information.
This is usually a 2 sided sheet with name, address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, allergies, possibly blood type, and on and on and on – Done

*Next page. Provide all the information from the previous page in writing so they may update their files. Do they provide the first sheet so we can cheat? Is it an information practice test?
Why did I do all the checking and crossing out and correcting if they are only going to make me write the entire thing over again on the next 2 double sided pages?

*Third sheet reads: In case school is dismissed early possibly do to inclement weather where should your child go?
They give 2 options: #1. Go direction home. #2. Told to go to an address provided below (space given to provide address).

I ALWAYS WRITE A THIRD OPTION #3 Stay in the school and wait for Parent Pickup!

*Strangely enough they sent this same paperwork home with my Autistic daughter last year – the same child who’s IEP reads “Hands On Eyes On At All Times”.

Example of Inclement Weather. In the morning it’s snowing, but the district decides that it’s safe for buses to run and parents to drive.
By 9am once all the children from the district are safely at school and parents have gone to work, the district realizes that the Nor’easter which is pounding the east coast with 50 mile in hour winds and 14 inches a snow an hour may be to much for the schools.

So the school district is asking “Should your child WALK HOME” or “WALK to a friends house.” in a Blizzard?
What I’d like to know is, if it’s far to dangerous to keep the school open and my child survives the walk home, then what are the children supposed to do?

……. the paperwork goes down hill from here!

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