Do you over share? #Sharing #FaceBook #Twitter

Some Nit Twit has a blog about parents over sharing – yes someone actually has that kind of time – Obviously Childless!

I LOVE the Over Sharer.

I want to see your babies pictures, the first poop picture, your wedding pictures, 9 hours of vacation footage, new home, old home, random photos, old family photos, birthday’s, first communion and mug shots.

I want to hear about your make ups, break ups, break outs, weddings, divorce, driving test, dating, the guy that gave you crabs, the surgery you had, the surgery you need, the surgery you want, the boobs you want, the nose you want, the butt you want, the guy or gal you want, your recipe for chicken soup, your recipe for meatloaf, your underwear size, your cold, flu, bowel movements, home remedies, your baby daddy, mother-in-law issues, drive to work, family vacation, AND Even Your Drama!

I would love to see your Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah & Chanukah, any and every holiday photo, family portrait, school pictures, drunken photos, landscapes, artwork, big toe and Bacon photos! Pictures of your meatloaf, three bean casserole, and father sleeping on the couch, in front of the big game, after Thanksgiving meal with his hand down his pants!

I want to know if you’re menstruating, coming out, starting something new, going back to something old, pregnant, think your pregnant or trying to get pregnant. If you’ve grown, shrunk, gotten a hicky, failed a class, failed in life, if you like Star Trek, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, soap operas, Oprah Winfrey, Windows, Mac, Androids, iThings,

Tell me about your obsessions, OCD, fungus, potty training, your parents deaths, your urinary track infection, yellow waxy build up, your history, your future, your background, your job, your children, your partner, class load, your weight, your shirt size, how much you’ve lost and the weight you’ve put on.

I would love to know what kind of tooth paste you use, that you need to go to the bathroom, that your boss is an @ss, that you need more love, that you need to be alone, your new diet, new weapon, new drink, invention, what you are doing to make the world a better place, a cleaner place, improve the atmosphere, the biosphere and what are your irrational fears!

I want to hear your opinions on television, politics, actors, global warming, the Nightly News, Fox News, the fake news, public sewage, public schools, public nudity, your beliefs, your disbeliefs, your gossip, your children’s teacher, your professor, crafts and social networking.

I love to hear from those who are black, white, green, from earth, from space, religious nut, religious natural, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, bi-gender and no gender!

You can NOT share enough with me – and I COMMENT.
I comment on: your birth videos, home movies, proposals, what he said, what you should have said, what I would have said, what you should say and on everything listed above!

My comments give encouragement, reassurance, help, inspiration, cheer, praise, reinforcement, support, patients, sympathy, understanding, compassion, kindness, consideration, empathy, and a swift kick when you need it.

So if you need to share, I suggest you Share it with ME:

[PS. I don’t like bullying, hate or anything excessively vulgar]

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