Do you suffer from Blogger Rage? There’s more Drama in the Blogosphere than in High School

Blogger Rage

Does anyone remember a time when blogging was enjoyable?
When you looked forward to writing a sponsored post. Or any post.
When you offered other bloggers links in your promotions because you were proud and not because you promised a sponsor greater exposure

When did Blogging become so Cut Throat?

The other day I was scanning FaceBook when I came upon an update from a blogging group that told the members not to copy form layout or sign-up forms or disclosure or page design or post layout or blah blah blah and more blah.

Obviously, copying content word for word is wrong, but a disclosure or the way you setup your posts? There are only so many logical ways those can be setup. It’s almost impossible NOT to copy someone.

What could be so wrong with a persons life that they become completely unhinged when someone copies sign-up form? But it happens. Nasty comments, threatening replies, intolerant remarks and suddenly we all can’t get along. The Blogging Drama is unreal!

Stealing content = wrong, but a form or a disclaimer? I can’t wrap my mind around it. Why do you want to care? That’s not even content.

Maybe it’s time some bloggers take a step back and get a bit of a grip

It’s not just the over controlling all knowing self proclaimed parenting expert bloggers doing the bashing these days, it’s all kinds of different bloggers. The Techy bloggers, Daddy bloggers, Ebook bloggers, Review bloggers, Food Porn bloggers – it seems that every corner of the blogging community has been hit with Blogger Rage! Bloggers are becoming unglued for petty offenses that would normally never cross a persons mind.

If you go to, she has a great post on how to setup a blog post (I forget the title, but poke around a little you’ll find it). However, if you follow her directions and someone else follows her directions then Good Heavens you could be accused of copying a fellow blogger. See what I mean? There are only so many ways to set some of this stuff up. And if you’re a new blogger you just have to copy someone or you’re never going to get anywhere.

In this particular thread the blogger felt she has the right to be angry, and she does, but why would someone want to be angry? One statement that was repeated again and again was “I don’t mind if people use it, but ask me first.” If you don’t care if someone uses it than why make them ask? You’ve said they could, why make someone ask you? Any new blogger would have been pleased as punch if someone had copied their “FCC Mandated Sponsor Disclosure” – Heck, you can have mine!

Taking a Breath

I for one have had it with all the Anger and the Bashing. I want blogging to be fun again.

I want to go back to a time where we didn’t obsess over Analytics and Alexa ratings. Back to a time when our PR Rank didn’t matter as much as our content. A time when asking for help wasn’t met with ridicule. I don’t want to join in the anger.

I don’t have the energy to get upset about a copied disclaimer or privacy policy or sponsor page – seriously, please steal it, then spell check it for me. I just don’t have it in me to be angry about these things anymore. I would give almost anything if that was the biggest issue in my life.

The Result of Zen Blogging
Since I stopped worrying about which blogger was doing what, I’ve seen my blog grow by 6,000 page views per day, literally overnight and maintain a steady increase for over a year. I enjoy blogging more and I’m not stressing over petty issues that seem to enrage blogging groups.

Every so often I fall off the Zen Blogging wagon, but mostly I enjoy my blogging buddies and I’m helping other bloggers again, but this time I’m helping without restrictions.

Come on over to the Blogging Zen side – leave the rage behind.

P.S. I know there are 3 very large blogging groups who are going to assume I’m talking about them. If you think I’m talking about your group you’re probably not only right, but guilty lol So don’t bother to comment, just block me from your group. No hard feelings. I’ll still help you when you have issues when your blog.

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