Downton Abbey – Rich Girls No Boobs

Downton Abbey 3

marycrawleyLike many I am addicted to Downton Abbey, I love everything about it. I watch and re-watch episodes and I am amazed at how “the house” takes care of each other. The Down Stairs takes care of the Crawley’s day to day needs, while the Up Stairs cares for the Down Stairs by providing room and board, plus a little income.

Let’s get to the topic at hand Boobs!
I know it was the 20’s and the style was long straight dresses, but girls have boobs!

phyllis-logan-as-mrs-hughes-in-downton-abbey-126150857Mrs-Patmore2Good heavens the Cooks boobs nearly suffocate her. And the housekeeper in charge of the maids, Ms. Hughes is thinner than Ms. Patmore and her chest sticks right out there. Most of the maids have a chest and I dare say the Butler, Carson, probably has larger breasts than any of the Crawley women.

Maybe only the rich were allowed a flat chest, but the fact remains, guys don’t care what you’re wearing, most would prefer woman were nothing at all and Guys Like Boobs! In any era, guys like boobs.

To men boobs are always the height of fashion. Men are always in an attempt to get woman out of their fashion to get to the boobs. But regardless, how is it that some many of the Downton wealthy are boobless?

Every morning news show had a ‘Downton’ segment today, most showing how the 20’s style is coming back thanks to series. Could boobless come back as all the rage? – Heavens I hope not.


A moving boobless image – just for fun!


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