Dryel Saves Money and Cleans Clothes!

While it’s no secret that I hate laundry, it’s also a well-known fact that I love saving money! And laundry is no exception. When I learned that Dryel can save up to 90% on our dry cleaning costs, I had to check it out and see for myself! If you have a lot of clothes that need to be dry cleaned, you know all too well that it can get super expensive super fast!

Dryel is an alternative to dry cleaning. You can use the dry cleaning kit to conveniently clean and freshen your laundry at home. This saves you time driving back and forth to the dry cleaners, but also saves you money that you would spend on paying professionals to do it. Seriously, why would you pay people to do something that you can easily do yourself at home?

Using Dryel is so simple, anyone can do it! Simply place your garments in the Fabric Protection Bag and add a Dryer-Activated cleaning cloth. Place in the dryer and run on medium heat for just a few minutes. VOILA!! Your dry clean only clothes have now been cleaned! You spent a lot less money, and you had to go nowhere! I especially like that there is a stain treatment spray that will clean stains and more heavily soiled clothing.

In the past, I have made the mistake of washing clothes that were dry clean only. This will ruin your clothes… I have had clothes to drastically shrink, and become horribly mis-shapen after only one wash. If the tag says dry clean only, then be sure to only dry clean it. I get it that you probably want to save the money (I do too!), so I highly recommend Dryel. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save you the frustration of ruining your clothes.

I am happy with the fact that Dryel saves me money, but I am especially happy with how well it cleans and freshens our clothes. Clothes come out looking and smelling great, and the best news is they last longer, which means saving even more. I will definitely continue to use this product!

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