A Fashion Emergency Averted Thanks to Doctor Who, As Time Goes By and Public Television in General

Fashion Emergency Averted

Fashion Emergency Averted

I was checking out at CVS when a very British woman walked in and asked the clerk for Nail Varnish Remover.

The girl across the counter said “I’m sorry – you want what?”

The British woman repeated herself several times because the clerk looked so confused.

When the clerk finally spoke she said “have you tried the hardware store?”

The British woman replied “I need nail varnish remover – am I not speaking English?”

At which point I started to laugh out laud – I answered, “Oh you’re speaking English, but not American. Varnish remover is what we use to take old paint off Wood and it’s quite toxic. What you want is in isle 2.”

She wanted nail polish remover – fashion emergency averted thanks to Doctor Who, As Time Goes By and public television in general.

Yet another reason we need a Universal Language which we can use to talk to each other. But NOT English!
English is my first and only language and like MOST English speakers – I don’t even understand it. Most Americans don’t understand it. Most English Majors don’t agree on it. The poor British woman in the drug store was speaking English and no one knew what she was talking about – it’s ridiculous.

Well, I guess I can’t say No One knew what she was talking about. I knew, but only because I grew up without cable and was forced to watch either public television or football on Saturday afternoons and luckily for the random British woman in the CVS I hate football.

We need a new language. Something that’s simple. Something that won’t take us a life time to learn and something that can be taught easily in schools.
How difficult is Spanish?


Today’s Email Grab Bag Tonight – sounds legit! lol : Subject: In Earnest
From: “Wendy Launer” <[email protected]>
Pardon my liberty. My name is Wendy Launer, a member of the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Medical Team. We thank you guys for your prayers. Can you be trusted with valuables?
I will explain in my next message.
Wendy Launer

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