The Girl Scouts Thing – You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough!

The Girl Scouts Thing

the girl scouts thing

*Sigh* My daughter had been watching Max and Ruby and she wanted to become Bunny Scout! But my husband took that to mean girl scouts and enrolled her.

So there are these nice 2 ladies who have been some how managing to hold this troop together for several odd years. I’m in AWW of the fact they’ve managed it this long. I’m not sure if they have finally come to their senses or if they are just to burnt out, but either way they are looking for a few moms to take over.

Did I mention I wasn’t for the whole scouting thing? That kind of sounds petty and self-centered doesn’t it. Here we have 2 ladies who have selflessly given of their time and resources to run this troop for years and though I very much appreciate all their hard work, I in no way want any part of it.

Perspective: I break 1 inch thick pine boards with my feet for Fun! I have a barely verbal hyperactive autistic daughter – I Don’t Scare Easily. BUT the thought of spending 2 hours twice a week trapped in a room with 14 nine year old girls is enough to give me a panic attack. You would have to medicate me!

girl scouts

So today when I receive several emails from parents trying to figure out how to hold the troop together my first thought was “You couldn’t pay me enough!” and it was about then when it hit me – Why Aren’t We Paying These People?

It’s 2 hours every other week. Why aren’t we paying them by the hour as if they are babysitting our kids. I pay a babysitter $10 an hour to baby sit my 9 year old. I’d gladly pay the girl scouts $20 every other week for 2 hours of enlightening my daughter. 14 girls in the troop at $20 a piece – I am still NOT willing to do it, but I’m pretty sure someone would be willing to take over the Troop and probably start a few more troops on the side.

Let me check my math: 2 – two hour meets a month. 14 girls. That’s $560.00 split between the 2 leaders, which would be $280.00 each a month. $280.00 for 4 hours of kid time and some planning.
To put this into My Real Life Perspective: I write blog posts. I’m paid around $250 – $300 per post. I spend 5 or 6 hours on each post. If I only write 1 blog post a month, that’s 250 extra dollars a month. Everyone can use 250 extra dollars a month – right?

When are we going to start Paying these Moms for taking on this responsibility. “Girl scout leader” is a second job! And we should be paying them for their time and hard work.

Why aren’t we paying our Girl Scout Leaders?

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