Have Any Ridiculous New Years Resolutions?

Do people make New Years Resolutions any longer? And if they do, do they really expect to keep them?

If I couldn’t get my butt out of bed 2 days before New Years to exercise, what chance do I have of doing it after a night of drinking and partying?

newYears BUT if we must make some New Years Resolutions:

#1 Run our family on Zulu! http://zulutime.net/
Incase you’re wondering, it’s almost tomorrow, making today yesterday!

#2 Drop 20 pounds by putting Pictures of Healthy Foods and People Exercising on all cabinet doors and the fridge. Not actually doing anything that would incur rage weight loss like moving away from social media.

#3 Spend less by buy stuff I don’t need and paying very little for it.
[Then giving it away in test tubs on my blog.]

#4 Watch all 10 years of Magnum p.i.

#5 Remember to set scale back 10 pounds to increase weight management productivity.

#6 Memorize important phone numbers.
Remember when you knew you home number by heart, along with your husbands office number or your parents home phone? I can’t tell you my cell number – which seems important and takes ages to look up.

So what do you got for me?
Do-able New Years Resolutions.

[side note: Real New Years Resolutions
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