How to Save the World, 1 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card at a Time!

How to Save the World, One Dunkin Donuts Gift Card at a Time

Did you read the story on FaceBook about Suspended Coffee?
[if not, I totally ripped it off, click here to read: Suspended Coffee]

I do something similar.
I purchase Dunkin Donuts $5 gift cards and when I see someone on the street with their hand out I give them one of the gift cards.
I do this all year long instead of buying Christmas Presents for my family and friends – No One has Ever Complained.

Yes, I may be a sucker!
Here’s the thing. I don’t know what kind of lives these people have. Yes, they may be on drugs. They may make more panhandling than I do in a year. But they may really need help.

The police officer who purchased boots for the guy on the street – those boots helped to keep the man warm.
I don’t have the money to purchase boots, but I have $5 to help keep someone warm.

BONUS! Years ago I gave up trying to figure out what I‘m going to buy everyone for Christmas. Now I spend that money a little at a time, buying $5 gift cards every month instead of Christmas gifts for my friends and family – We also donate to The Hunger in the names of our family and friends. We also donate to help reforestation, so we can all keep breathing. Buying gift cards, trees and feeding the hungry in the names of our family and friends has made a difference in the world and has reduced waste – and like I said before, no one has ever complained.

There has always been help there when I needed, it feels go to pass that along.

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