I love my Galaxy S3 phone & Verizon Wireless #verizonwireless @verizonwireless

Galaxy S3 phone & Verizon Wireless

I had one of the Original Droids, the one with the keyboard – it’s like a blackberry, but with Android apps it was WONDERFUL until it started Freezing.

droid proI don’t think it was the phone as much as the apps that have come out since the phones release, but regardless it was getting old …. Really Old in Cell Phone Years.

So I called Verizon for an exchange with fingers crossed and a heavy heart.

The customer service rep, Sammie, who answered the phone went through the normal “Phone number, account password, blah blah blah” And the rest of the conversation when something like this:

Long pause
Me: are you still there?
Sammie: Yes, sorry. I’m trying to figure out how you got a phone that hasn’t been made in …. over 3 years.
Me – laughing: I know. It has a physical key board – I can type at the speed of light with my thumbs, but those on screen keyboards just slow me down.

Sammie: You know Blackberry just came out …….
Me: Nope! Must be an Android – it’s an addiction.

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S 3Apparently Sammie was a therapist in a prior life because within a few minutes I went from near tears at the thought of not having a physical keyboard on my phone to the most informed individual on the swipe keyboard.

Ok, so the swipe keyboard didn’t sound to-to bad. AND then, as Sammie explained, the Galaxy S3 is JELLY BEAN!! Oh yes. Jelly Bean!

If you’re not familiar with Androids, Jelly Bean is 4.something operating system for anything Android and that meant I COULD USE VINE!!! (Vine is a 6 second video recording app that I need for work .. and home …. and play!)

I received my new Galaxy S3 phone, charged it up and OH MY GOSH Why did I wait so long??

It’s the perfect phone for me!
I can do over 60% of my daily work load from my phone – do you know what that means? I can promote companies while poolside, in the middle of no where, at the supermarket, in Target!

And I’m getting pretty darn fast with that swipe keyboard ….. OH and the Camera! The camera is unreal! I use my phone’s on board camera for blog, family, trips, work – you name it.

I’ve had the Galaxy S3 for 2 or 3 weeks and I can’t imagine what I did without it.

Much thanks to Verizon’s customer service rep Sammie for all his help in choosing the perfect phone. He listened to my needs and my job stories, we laughed, we cried and in the end I got a phone that works for me.

Disclosure: I did NOT receive any type of compensation for this post. I paid for my Verizon phone and my Verizon phone bill.
I did receive excellent customer service – like always – and that is why I recommend Verizon Wireless.

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