I want a job – and I’m taking suggestions

I need to find a job that starts a half hour after the girls are in school and gets out about half hour before they get home (drive time).
I need weekends, holidays and summers off – and all teacher workshop days.

I’ve already checked out jobs at the school, they don’t pay anything.

It’s not that I’m unwilling to put my kids in before/after care, I mean I don’t, but that‘s not it. The problem is my youngest is autistic and there isn’t a day care on this planet that could accommodate her needs. She has to be watched every second, you can’t turn you back on her or she’ll eat the rug or gluten or crayons. I’ve asked case works for suggestions on a day care for her – they don’t have any.

I know there has to be an actual job out there where I can customize my schedule, but I’m just not finding it. Working for myself is not an option.

What am I qualified to do?
Bookkeeping (but not taxes)
I can read (that’s always promising)
Type reasonably well
Spelling is terrible
Grammar is worse than spelling
I use to do technical assistance over the phone – I loved that job.

Any ideas?

Check back, I’ll add to the list as people post ideas.

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