Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air #SuperAwesomeMicroProject

Lego Car Powered by Air

Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air


Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but from what I can tell it’s true. Reported by both CNN and Today, the life size Lego car powered by compressed air travels at an impressive 18 miles per hour down. See more at #SuperAwesomeMicroProject

Like most people I’m more impressed by the air powered engine and wondering how many miles a can of compressed air lasts. They’re probably not using one of those small cans that can be picked up at Staples for $4.99. I’m sure it’s one of those giant containers like those seen often on MythBusters. But where is it?

I need to see some specs on this Lego Car. I want more information!

How is air measured – by unit?
What does air cost per unit/tank?
How many units per mile?
Can I get from my house to the market and back on one can of air?
Could the Lego car come standard with padded car seat?
Is air more feasible than gas?
For that matter – How is air compressed?

I know what an air compressor looks like – there’s one in the basement, but how does it get into a tank?

So many questions! So much research to do!

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