Grammar Rules: Where to Put a Comma – 13 Comma Rules – With Examples

13 Comma Rules


13 Comma Rules


13 Comma Rules These are the grammar rules I have been looking for all of my life!
I saw this on Pinterest, but when I clicked the image it took me no where!
NO WHERE! I need more rules and examples. This I can pin up at my desk … when I get one of those … very soon though, I will pin this up at my desk (I wonder if I should have used a comma there – I’ll have to look)

I put commas everywhere. I don’t even know where my sentences end. I have terrible grammar. I don’t know why I can’t understand/remember the rules.

Recently I purchased a second grade Language Arts book – you know the kind your mom always purchased for the summer, but usually forgot to make you do every morning – I’ve been doing it.
I’ve gotten through Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs and I’m starting on Adjectives. In the middle of the book it talks about Commas.

I’m so excited! Now I can be ahead of my imaginary grammar class.

Print this out and carry it with you! Stick it up at your desk.
Repin it and help others!!!


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