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Debate on


It seems FaceBook has become a great place to argue over everything from breast feeding to if you look fat in that. (Do you look fat in that?)

So a few FaceBook friends got together and created a new website where people can read through the current topics and debate the issues.

Issues like: Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed Regardless of Voter Opinion? OR
Supreme Court Considers Legality Of Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones – Is This A Violation of Free Speech?

Argue until your fingers can type no more. Argue until you fall asleep on your keyboard. Argue from laptop, desktop, or cell phone.
Let your opinion be known! Don’t stop at just one post, make the rounds and argue your point to death!

The site is still in a bit of bata testing, seeing what works best to keep the trolls away and real debates active.

Very few language filters have been added, so you can cuss your brains out, but link filtering is heavy, don’t bother.

Polls are also being added for those who rather give a quick opinion than leave a comment.

For those who do like to voice their opinion Social Login is in place for fast and easy commenting.

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