My Most Viewed YouTube Videos

My Most Viewed YouTube Videos

There are algorithms and psychology behind why some videos go viral and others don’t, but none of that seems to apply to why some of my videos get attention. Not that I’ve ever had a video go viral, I’m happy when they get a few thousand views, but it’s my stupid videos get the most attention.

Here’s a sample:

This is my highest visited YouTube Video and I have no idea why:
How to make a Rainbow Layer Cake 240,947

This is more of a public service message and you Shouldn’t Ever Try This At Home! But it’s Awesome!!!!
Glow Stick and Mason Jar

This still looks REALLY good and now I’m thinking about making it for dinner, but it still doesn’t explain the 5,186 views. The product wasn’t relevant when I made the video!
Xpress Redi Set Go Pizza

I understand why this DID get a lot of views in the beginning, but why people are still watching it – I have no idea.
Anyone remember when FaceBook looked like that!
the NEW way to upload Photos to FaceBook

Personally I think I’ve come up with much more interesting videos over the years, there’s one where I’m making bread that always has people laughing and another where I’m laughing that I think is brilliant, but I guess never caught on.

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