Reasons to sleep with your phone.


Reasons to sleep with you phone.
One would think as an adult that sleeping with ones phone would be considered immature. But there are plenty of reasons why an adult would need to have their phone close at hand.

1. Don’t wake the kids!
The sound of the breeze will wake my youngest and nothing short of an act of God will get her back to sleep, so I must put the phone on vibrate at night.

2. You can’t hear ‘vibrate’
Very few sounds will wake me:
a. Feet or a sleeping body hitting the floor.
b. Coughing and/or barfing.
c. Smoke or door alarm.
d. A ringing phone.

And since we know from #1 that option d is out of the question, and I won’t wake from the sound of a vibrating phone, I must sleep not only with it, but some how on it – under the pillow works best.

3. It saves lives.
The one time you can’t reach me is the night that your site gets hacked during the most important thing to ever happen to your site/blog and you will leave no fewer than 14 voice mails swearing that if your site doesn’t come back up, it will be the end of you! See saving lives!

4. A child is born!
My family has 1 hard fast rule ‘if they’re dead, the phone call can wait ’til morning’
This rule doesn’t apply to near death or Luckily when a baby is born!
We are a heavy picture texting family and I want to be woken when a new member joins!

5. The Ride
I will not leave you stranded waiting for Triple A. I’ll pack up the kids and come get you if need be!
Most of us are like that, but if you’re not sleeping with your phone you may never hear it ring.

6. Flash Light!
No explanation required.

7. Remember not to forget.
How often do you lay in bed going over a great idea like reasons to sleep with your phone? You don’t want to forget your entire post. So quickly type it out on your phone and drift off to sleep in piece.

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