Stupid things parents say – You Can’t Spell Balls?

Oh why?
Today my dearest friend and her children came over to play. Our kids are around the same ages so it works out perfectly.

The older 2 thought it funny to spell out dirty words using the Leap Frog letters. Words like “Poop” and “Fart”

And according to my darling daughter “Balls” ….. and she added, as she was literally rolling on the floor laughing “He didn‘t mean ‘like the kind you bounce’ either.” laugh, laugh, laugh!
Apparently they were trying to out do each other in a game of “Who can spell the most dirty words”

I reminded her that we don’t use words like that, which she ignored and said “I wish I could spell like he does”

And I replied with the STUPIDEST thing I could have ever said “You can‘t spell Balls?”

What on earth possessed me to say that? Of course she can! But until that moment it hadn’t occurred to her that “the kind that bounce” and the kind that grow on boys were spelled the same way – you know, until Mommy filled in the blanks!

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