The BEST Anti-Spam Plugin EVER! [WordPress]


How much spam do you get every day?

Stuck At Home Mom .com was receiving over 100 spam comments a day, every day – I couldn’t keep up.

When it comes to spam your PR Rank isn‘t a factor, I have build sites without any PR Rank that receive 100’s of spam comments.

I’ve tried everything Plugin under the sun and most of them just punished my faithful visitors – NOT what I wanted.

Then, I discovered: Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

All it does is ask your visitor to “Confirm You Are Not A Spammer”. [see below]

Seems a little to easy doesn’t it? How does it work?
Spam bots are looking for a Captcha, they aren’t looking for a check box and even if they were they have no idea how to use it. lol

Spam bots can handle a Captcha, but they miss the little things, like a little check box.

Check it out on the bottom of this and every post on and my other blogs.

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