Why doesn’t anyone want Money in a Test Tube?

Why doesn’t anyone want Money in a Test Tube?

Awhile back I did a great blog post on sending Money in a Test Tube – well I thought it was great!
People responded – they left contact information – I emailed them – no response – Really! Really? People?

I mean come on, It’s Money – and It’s In A Test Tube with a Stamp on it!
The Title, by Definition, is Cool!

So this time I’m going to try it a little differently.

See the order form below?
Place your order for a chance to be selected to receive Money in a Test Tube.

THEN I’ll pick some random folks from the group who actually gives me their information so I know they are serious.

No, I’m not going to sell, rent, or let people take a sneak peek at your address.

This is an Money in a Test Tube opt-in only – nothing else.

You could be chosen to receive a Test Tube, Money and a plug in the top of the tube, maybe a nice note from me – that‘s it.

Second place picks could be chosen to receive stickers in a Test Tube or anything else that I can think of that is G rated that I could possibly send in a Test Tube – but that’s it!

What about this – I solemnly swear I will only send you stuff to that address in a Test Tube!

Well, unless I run a contest and you enter the contest and you win and what you win is to big to fit into the test tube, But ONLY THEN will I send you something that isn’t in a test tube.

I have stamps, I want to start lick’n!


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… and you crazy guys outside the US

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