Why We Watch the Nightly News with Brian Williams #BrianWilliams @BWilliams

Nightly News with Brian Williams

Even if you live under a rock you know that Brian Williams is the anchor of NBC’s Nightly News. Watched and Loved by most of our nation.

But we don’t watch Brian Williams because of integrity or out of loyalty – We Watch Him Because He Entertains Us! We watch Brian Williams because of the smart ass comment between the segments he introduces. He makes the news a tad more palatable, easier to watch. It’s all horrible so he injects some humor that helps wash it down. That is why the Nation watches NBC Nightly News!

We watch Brian Williams for the same reason we watch Matt Lauer and Al Roker. They make us laugh, they make use cry, and they are NEVER boring.
If we wanted to be Bored to Death we’d watch whatever it is that CBS does on Sunday Mornings – Dear Lord – someone please put a stop to that!

Sure Brian Williams is, from time to time, “on location” but what is he really doing? He introduces segments done by other reporters and makes us smile in between reports of corruption and terrorism.
He does a report here and there, but mostly he’s in a chair telling us what is coming up next.

Brian Williams made a thank you to a soldier a little more flowery – he was Thanking a Soldier.

According the reports: Brian Williams and the NBC crew were in a dangerous area.
Their survival rested in the hands of the US soldiers, soldiers who got them safely out of a dangerous country.
Regardless of who was shot, shot at or shot down it’s the Soldiers and what they did that should be the point of the story, Not that Brian Williams couldn’t recall where and what was hit. They all got out alive because of the Soldiers.

The anchor chair needs to be filled by a person that will keep you coming back night after night. That’s why Brian Williams sits there and why Tamron Hall is allowed to take the seat when Brian’s on vacation.

It’s important to remember that Brian Williams is an NBC ‘Personality’

NBC needs to remember that integrity is standing behind its personalities even when mistakes are made. The people who are posting negative comments about Mr. Williams didn’t watch the Nightly News and they won’t suddenly leave Fox if Mr. Williams is dropped.

If NBC doesn’t start standing up for its personalities it won’t have an audience to worry about.

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