Positive Benefits of Fish Oil #omega3fishoil


Positive Benefits of Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also referred to as PUFAs or polyunsaturated fatty acid that are important for some bodily functions. The body doesn’t produce fatty acids which make it essential to obtain certain amounts from supplement or food such as fatty fish. Fish oil can be acquired from fatty fishes like tuna, halibut, cod and salmon. These can be obtained from other sea foods such as krill and algae, nut oils, and some plants.

Triple-Strength Omega-3 is exclusively formulated with:

* “Gold Standard natural fish oil concentrate”

* Fish oil certified with IFOS 5-Star

* Every 1,200mg fish oil soft gel has 1,060mg Omega 3

* Exceptional purity without stinking breath, fishy burps or aftertaste

* Fish from Alaskan ocean waters

* Pharmaceutical grade – certified and tested by Third Party laboratories to guarantee potency and purity

* Ensured to be free from Dioxins, Mercury, PCBs and other harmful toxins

* Exceeds CRN Voluntary Monograph, GOED and IFOS

* Certified by MSC as a fish oil source

* Hundred percent purified, sourced and USA manufactured

Studies show that Omega 3 supports joint and cardiovascular health and brain function for normal development and growth. The majority of fish oil products are in triglyceride or ethyl ester form. There is a key difference between the two forms. Ethyl ester’s DHA and EPA are esterified to produce ethanol backbone. On the other hand, the triglyceride is esterified to produce “glycerol alcohol backbone”. There is no difference in these forms when it comes to their stability.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Health Benefits help support:

  • overall health of cardiovascular system
  • cognitive function
  • joint health
  • vision health
  • good mood and emotional health

Since fish oil helps speed up the blood-glucose level, people with diabetic condition can take it. Talk should talk to your doctor about making Fish Oils part of your diabetic treatments.

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