Etekcity RoverBeats TX3 Stereo Headphone Headset #roverbeats

Etekcity RoverBeats TX3 Stereo Headphone Headset #roverbeats
I received the Etekcity RoverBeats TX3 Stereo Headphone Headset with Microphone in the mail last week, and I have to say that they are awesome! They are by far the best quality headphones I have ever used. So far I have only used the for phone calls, but I think that they would be great for listening to music, playing online games, or using Skype.

I like how the RoverBeats TX3 fit – they covered my entire ear, and the padding made them extremely comfortable. The headband is also padded, which makes the headphones more comfortable for long wear. The headphones fit snugly and were easy to adjust up and down for different sized heads. The microphone is also very simple to adjust – it is on a rotating arm and I could move it easily to the best position.

Another excellent feature is the 6-foot fabric cord; it was long enough that I was able to move around freely without feeling like I was going to be choked, or pulling my laptop on the floor every time I moved! I also liked the fact that there is volume control dial built into the cord; I was able to raise and lower the volume without scrambling for the volume controls on my laptop if I needed to change the volume quickly. One of the recommendations for the RoverBeats TX3 is for Skype or for online gaming, and I think that they would work well for that because of the comfort and the long cord.

The sound quality – incoming and outgoing – of the RoverBeats TX3 was impressive as well. I used them for a computer phone call, and the microphone was so clear that the person I was talking to said that I sounded like I was in the room with them. When I was listening, the headphones picked up every sound on the other end. The sound quality may be too good – the person I was talking to had a television on in a separate room, and I could hear what was being said on the TV!

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