Fujikam Wireless Security Camera with Cloud IP/Network #seccama1

Do you ever wonder about the overall security of your home when you are away even if you have a home security system? Being out and about is difficult and when I am constantly running around town with work, volunteering, and my kid’s activities it is easy to worry about the little things that keep you up at night.

We made a bold move and decided to purchase a home and office security camera online. With all the options on the market it was difficult to make a decision, but after reading the reviews we ultimately decided on the Fujikam Security Camera. This bestselling Security Camera shoots and records in high definition, has wireless capabilities, is night vision equipped, includes a 2 way voice system, digital zoom, motion detection recording, and best of all is incredible easy to setup.

Other than those great features I decided on the Fujikam Security Camera because it is real-time streaming to my smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices! Specifically, the camera is 8.15 x 6.57 x 5.23 inches; it fits nicely in the important parts of your home without being overly revealed. It was so easy to setup, we had no trouble at all and now it is up and running everyday.

My girls aren’t old enough to stay home along yet, but when they are I’m going to love the idea of checking up on them. Right now the vivint doorbell camera is perfect for piece of mind, if I’m not at home I can still check up on things.

FUJIKAM Security Camera HD

Yes, I set this up on the Lego Table – I’m a Mom!

Let me walk you through why I think this is the Security Camera that everyone needs. First of all, in this day and age HD recording is a must and it does that very well, the video quality is crystal clear. Like I said before, due to its wireless capabilities, we can take the safety of our home anywhere and everywhere. It also works well with SD. When it gets dark and everyone goes to bed the camera keeps working, the night vision makes us feel safe at night knowing that it is capturing the video just as it would during the day. The 2 way voice system is incredible, you can easily communicate through your smart device and they will communicate with you through the camera. Although we have not taken advantage of the QR capabilities, I know many people would find this very useful.

I took this out of the box and had it setup and ready to use in 5 minutes. If you are looking for assurance, check out the video of the RC Buggy Car, it was shot with this exact camera! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, this camera has put my mind at ease and I feel much safer and more connected.

YouTube is being difficult. To watch the video in HD, click settings after you start the video and change the video to HD.

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