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Nobody likes to admit it, but most of us tend to be rough on our technology. As a busy mother of two, I know I don’t have time to worry about putting my phone in a separate pocket of my purse. And sometimes that means – oh, the horror! Scratches.

Needless to say I’ve tried quite a few screen protectors on my phone and tablet. Every time I use a new protector, I get one of two options. The first option is a screen protector thick enough to get the job done, and bulky enough to make the whole device dorky. The second option is a screen protector thin enough that it doesn’t look dorky- so thin that it doesn’t actually do anything to protect the screen. When it comes to caring for my phone and tablet screens, I’m forced to choose between decent looking and scratch resistant protectors.

And with either of these options, the protector always interferes with using my touch screen. I don’t care to mention how many times I’ve accidentally sent weird, nonsensical auto-corrected texts followed by “sorry screen protector issues, I meant to say (x).” For me, screen protectors have always meant compromise.

Meet intelliGLASS. At intelliARMOR, silicone and thin, ultra hardened glass are carefully layered to solve every problem presented by average screen protectors.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the science: intelliGLASS’ bottom layer of silicone adheres perfectly to the screen of the device, so it doesn’t leave unsightly bubbles or sticky residue. Above the silicone is a layer of ultra hardened glass that resists scratching, and the very top layer is oil and smudge repellant, so you don’t have to wipe off your screen after every text or phone call.

intelliGLASS is manufactured for tablets and phones of every shape and size, so finding a protector that fits your screen isn’t going to be a problem. To top it off, intelliARMOR guarantees their product will last the lifetime of your device.
Say goodbye to bubbling plastic, sticky residue, awkward texts, and unnecessary bulk. With intelliGLASS, you can finally give your devices the protection they need without any compromise.

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