Monteverde Tool Pen One Touch Stylus – Giveaway and Review!


Monteverde Tool Pen

Monteverde Tool Pen


I love gadgets, but I mostly love digital gadgets. A little anything extra to make my gadget extra special and I’m all in.
When I saw a review posted for the Monteverde Tool Pen I was ALL OVER IT! Talk about your mommys little helper. At first glance it looks like a pen and it is. Then you see the top and you realize it’s also a stylus. Then you start exploring and it’s Christmas!

There is a mini screw driver and of course a ruler, but the ruler is in every conceivable measurement unit.
Monteverde Tool Pen

The Monteverde Tool Pen is heavy weight, but easy to use. It has a 6-sided barrel which houses a smooth soft-roll ballpoint and on the top a ultra sensitive touch screen stylus. Remove the stylus on top to find a Philips head and a flat head screwdriver.

On the top section of the stylus pen is a built in level and around the barrel are 4 different measuring units. The spring clip will hold the Monteverde Tool Pen securely in your pocket so it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

This is the perfect carpenters pen or anyone who works with their hands and their smart phone. It’s even great for a Stuck At Home Mom. I can quickly measure something for the kids, fix glasses, write a note or flip it around to use with my smart phone when it’s much to cold to take off my gloves!

Monteverde Tool Pen is a:

* pen
* stylus
* multi-unit ruler
* phillips screwdriver
* bubble level

Colors: yellow, black or silver.
Refills come in 10 different colors.

With all its tools you almost forget it’s a pen! The pen writes smoothly without a gloppy mess. Obviously you’ll need replacement ink in the future, but changing it is quick and easy. Just unscrew the pen portion, remove the old ink cartridge, install the new cartridge, screw it back together and you’re ready to go. has been gracious enough to offer my readers a coupon code for 10% off this wonderful Monteverde Tool Pen. Just use the code STUCKATHOME when ordering (valid until the end of March)


Along with the coupon code was nice enough to send an extra Monteverde Tool Pen to giveaway to one of my followers.
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