Review: APIE Outdoor Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

This is a powerful little Bluetooth speaker square. The sound quality is amazing and it plays forever! We charged it once, we’ve had it a week and we’ve used it every day without recharging it.

This Bluetooth speaker is water resistant which was very disappointing to my nephews who wanted to throw it into the lake and practice diving for it convinced they would be able to find it because they would be able to hear it under the water – 13 year old boys, what are you going to do. Once I explained the difference between waterproof and water resistant they realized that throwing it into the lake would kill it.

APIE Outdoor Bluetooth Water Resistant Speakers Portable

We’ve used it by the pool the rest of the week and it’s still going strong. We are determined not to charge it until it dies – which hasn’t happened yet.

It’s very solid and feels durable. It has fallen off a table and one of the kids dropped it and it never missed a beat. I can see us using this for years.

One nice feature was the screw mount on the bottom. We were able to mount it to the boat at camp and didn’t worry about it falling off the side.

Product provided at no charge or at a discount for review courtesy of sponsor. All opinions are my own.

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