Review: Tomsenn Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Works with Android Smart Phones


Tomsenn Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Works with Android Smart Phones – Designed for Surface Pro

The Smart Keyboard isn’t only for the Surface Pro Oh No! It’s Bluetooth and connects to an Android smartphone as well. And it’s Awesome!!
I am typing this review on my LG G4, but unlike other Bluetooth keyboards, this one has a Mouse Pad!! AND it puts an arrow on my smartphone, but like on my laptop.
I couldn’t be more happy. I couldn’t be more amazed. I like to leave my laptop on my desk, but typing with my thumb on my phone takes forever. With the Smart Keyboard I can type like I do on the laptop while I’m poolside.
Have you ever typed on your smartphone and wished you had a delete button? Or that you could refresh a page? Now you can. The Smart Keyboard has all the functions of a normal keyboard, because it is a normal keyboard.
The mouse arrow amazes me the most. My hands never have to leave the keyboard. I can mouse around my smartphone just like I do my laptop.

Tomsenn Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Set up is simple.
I powered up the Smart Keyboard. Then I turned on the Bluetooth feature on my smartphone. I searched for any Bluetooth signal and there it was. I paired the devices and ta da. I am typing on my Android smartphone just like I would my laptop.
I’m using Microsoft Word Android app to type this review, but I’ve used several different apps and they have all worked very well with the Smart Keyboard.
Now if I can just find an app with the Word Count feature that would be nifty.
This is a 5 star product. This is the one you want. It made my Android function like a laptop and all I had to do was pair it with Bluetooth – I’m impressed.

*Product provided at no charge or at a discount for review courtesy of sponsor. All opinions are my own.

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