Review: Archeer Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone and Robust Bass – Green


Archeer A106 Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone and Robust Bass – Green

We are becoming quite addicted to these little square mighty speakers. They are not only cute, but they put out some amazing sound.

Yesterday we spend the day at our family camp playing music and swimming. It got plenty wet from splashing, however we did not submerge it even after my nephews assured me that if I threw it off the far end of the dock they would be able to find it in the murky waters because they’d be able to hear it underwater. I am assuming it’s water resistant and not water proof – so we didn’t do that.

The music played clear and pretty loud considering the noise level of children screaming with delight while they swam for hours. I was unable to test the length of play time since my phone died after 5 hours. However my daughter has used it several times today and we’ve yet to recharge it.

We will probably leave this Bluetooth speaker out by the pool. It’s rather sturdy and feels very solid. It does come with a wrist strap which we’ll use hang it from the enclosure in the sitting area or from the umbrella. The wrist strap would also be great to hang from a stroller handle when walking. This would allow both mom and baby to listen to music.

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