TalkNotes Plus App for Android


TalkNotes Plus App for Android

TalkNotes Plus
TalkNotes Plus is a Business Productivity tool that allows you to enter and review notes for your contacts during a call.

Sounds good right! But what does that mean?
Let me explain ….

Friday I was looking at t-shirts. And it HIT ME – We need our distributor to feed our custom products into our site! I grabbed my phone and called our marketing director.
During the call the marketing director told me “Hey, we need all vector images. Can you create those and send them over?” She also gave me a list of different sizes, fonts, colors ……. I had nothing to write with and she’s feeding me information I needed for later that day.

I was in WalMart – WALMART! I wasn’t going to remember that she wanted the new sports font with the running images. I was in full Mom mode, not in web developer / designer / brander / whatever other role I may portray on any given Friday – mode (I like wearing a few hats!)

Thanks to the TalkNotes Plus I just flipped open my Galaxy S3 and started typing in the information. At the end of the call I had all the information ready to export. TalkNotes Plus was a life saver, I had all the information at my finger tips.

The app is only $1.99 from Google Play, but it’s worth so so so much more. I can take pictures and send them to the office and keep track of which co-works I’ve sent them to. But best of all TalkNotes Plus provides me away to remember details of each call.

When you get a call the app pops right up. The dialog box displays the notes you’ve saved from your last call with that person. You pick up right where you left off.

You’ll never again struggle to remember what the contractor wanted to add. Or what your most important contact likes in her coffee – because you planned ahead and you took notesYou know that your contact loves soy pumpkin mocha and having one in hand when you walk into her office will ensure you get the contract.
At any time you can access the contacts profile in TalkNotes Plus to review past calls, notes, and calendar events.

TalkNote Plus has many other features inculding:
* Extended Caller Identification
* Set Appointments and Reminders Integrated to Google Calendar
* Automated Activation of App on Call Pick up or Hang up for Easy Note Taking
* Backup and Recovery to Cloud
* Export Call Log to MS Excel
* Galaxy Note S-PEN integrated; save writing, drawing, along with picture and sound as note attachments.

The appointments and reminder features help me balance picking up kids for appointments and Must Attend meetings at the office – along with deadlines for both job and blogger.

TalkNotes Plus is the perfect app for eDee the Mom, eDee the multi hat wearing employee and eDee the Blogger! Everything in one place, ready to go and making me the best Mommy, Blogger, Employee ever.

It’s perfect!



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