USB 3.0 Portable Ultra Slim External CD+/-RW DVD +/-RW DVD Reader/Burner/Drive


HIRALIY SU3 USB 3.0 Portable Ultra Slim External CD+/-RW DVD +/-RW DVD Reader/Burner/ Drive with Touch Sensitive Button for Laptops/ Desktops /Notebooks (Black)

A while ago the CD/DVD RW drive on my laptop stopped functioning. It will play, but won’t burn a CD or DVD. We download a lot of music and like to back them up on CD.
The CD/DVD Re-Writer works with Windows XP & Vista (which are no longer supported by Windows) 2003, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. Linux and Mac 10 OS.
Like I stated above Windows no longer supports Win Xp or Vista, but the CD/DVD rewriter is plug and play, supporting itself. There is no driver to install.
To install the rewriter jut plug it into a USB port on your computer or laptop. Your computer does the rest.
With my experience the computer popped up a message telling I need to update a driver. I clicked ok and Windows did everything itself.
Once installed I was able to once again burn music to CDs to be stored elsewhere.
I am also able to get a lot of older files off my laptop that are just eating up space. These are files I may need in the future, but don’t need right now.

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