Mini Bluetooth Wireless Invisible Earbud with Microphone Support Hands-free for Smartphone


Mini Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Invisible Earpiece Earbud Earphone with Microphone Support Hands-free Calling for Iphone Samsung Galaxy LG and Most Smartphone (black)

I love my new earbud or earbug as we call it. I “called it” – didn’t want anyone else to use it, but my kids have snuck it away and used it several times.

The music clarity is wonderful, but what I didn’t expect was the clarity when speaking on the phone and video chat. My daughter was using it in a noisy room and I could hear her on my phone without any problem. The mic is actually in your ear so you would think that the mic would pick up everything around her, but it didn’t. My daughter’s voice was clear and the background noise was just that – in the background. She could also hear me very well.

The earbud fits in one ear. It’s small, but doesn’t resemble a hearing aid. It’s also very comfortable.
One feature I loved is that it doesn’t fall out when your sweaty. We hit 90F in Maine – Which for Maine is a big deal. Just walking to my car had me drenched in sweat. The earbud never fell out, it didn’t budge.

The best part is that you can listen to music and still be aware of what is going on around you.

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