Bug in the Bathroom

I hate bugs, they creep me out. I don’t like to see them, smush them or even believe they exist. But not as much as my oldest daughter, who is absolutely terrified of anything with wings, including butterflies. More disturbing is that my youngest daughter will eat them if give a chance.

Once my oldest, Keeper, found a lady bug on the floor. She yelled out “Mom. Bug!!! Bug!! Bug!!”
My youngest, Treasure, ran rate over, picked it up and ate it! {{Blaaaaah! Squirm!!}}
Keeper yelled back “Don‘t worry about it Mom, Treasure saved me.”

But back to me and the bugs. Creepy things that crawl across the bathroom floor in the middle of the night as you’re getting ready for bed. YUCK!!!

Tonight, not 5 minutes ago (I type fast) I had the laptop turned off, all the lights off and I sat down for my before bed potty break and across the floor runs this round nasty looking thing – shivers everywhere.

Quickly I opened the vanity draw, ripped out a light day, and dropped it on the bug! I contemplated leaving it there for my husband to deal with in the morning, but the mere possibility of trying to explain a pad with a bug stuck to the bottom to my oldest or the thought that my youngest would getup and think it were a treat was just the little bit of incentive I needed to rip it from the floor and toss it into the trash – ahhhh I still have the squirmy shivers.

Going to bed now. Blaaaaah!

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