How to join our Twitter Clicking Circle – For Blogger’s Village Tribe Members only

This is very simple and an easy way to build traffic and returning traffic.

1) Go to the profile @BloggersVillage on twitter.







2) You will see your tribe members posts. Each time you see “” Right Click the link

3) Then Left Click “Open in new tab”







A new tab will open – USUALLY behind the current tab you have open.





I do steps 2 and 3 very quickly about 20 times, then I go and tend to my kids. I come back in 5 or so minutes, close the first 20 tabs I opened, then do steps 2 and 3 again for the next 20 tweets.








Just leave the links open for a few minutes, close the tabs, then do it again. We suggest 15 minutes to ½ hour, but there’s no real time limit.

Either Maria or I will create a reminder post on our the Blogger’s Village Triberr everyday – or we’ll try to. lol

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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