Everything You’re Missing On Pinterest

Everything You’re Missing On


Everything You're Missing On Pinterest

The other day I opened Pinterest and saw the same old stuff I’ve been seeing. I refreshed and the images didn’t change much. I realized that all the pictures were pretty much repeated over and over again.


Because I’m following a lot of people who are all following each other. We’re all pinning and repinning the same stuff. The stuff my friends and family are pinning are great, but it’s getting a little boring.

For example one of my aunts loves knitting. That’s great. I like crocheting more, but hey I like looking at knitting patterns too. 407 knitting patterns are a little much. And than seeing those 407 knitting patterns repinned and repinned by other members of my family was EXHAUSTING! Soon I was pretty bored of Pinterest. I started to wonder how it was that people found new stuff on Pinterest.

I went to my website and Pinned several old posts just for some new content in my feed. I know new pins are from from websites, but I just wanted to see new stuff on Pinterest I wasn’t interested in searching the web for new stuff.

I didn’t want to search for anything, because I just wanted to see something inspiring. I went to the categories and noticed something I had never noticed before – EVERYTHING!

Yes, there is actually a categories called Everything.
How is it that I’ve never noticed this? I mean, it’s EVERYTHING!

Everything You're Missing On Pinterest

And it’s Everything on Pinterest that is related to everything you already like. You’re not required to search or be stuck with your “Followed Feed”. You can see EVERYTHING! Everything there is to see on Pinterest. And it’s amazing!

Some are a little odd. Like I’ve never looked for ‘Men’s footware’ on Pinterest, but that’s ok. It just picks 8 random interests and gives you the best of the best. I could stay on Everything for ever.

Everything You're Missing On Pinterest

Everything You're Missing On Pinterest

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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