Is Zip Nada Zilch a legitimate company or a scam?

Today I received an email from Mr. Brad (no last name?) informing me that he is the owner of ZNZ. By the gist of his email I think Mr. Brad may feel that I have been unfair to his company.

It hurts me to know that someone may think I am UnFair.
And since my previous post was created solely to stop a woman from scamming my fellow Mainers, I feel it only fair to give his email a fair shake.
And in all fairness, I have taken down my previous post to allow all of you to draw your own conclusions. (You can read Mr. Brad entire email below)

If you read my previous post you may be shock when I tell you everything in Mr. Brad’s email is true.

*It is a legitimate business (sadly)
*There are thousands of them on the web
*He can’t monitor all of the users all time
*ZNZ does not gather the actual credit card information (at least not that I can find)
*And according to Mr. Brad their policy is that they do not sell your information.

The Most You Need to Know: Zip Nada Zilch allows OTHER companies scam you.
ZNZ gets paid every time you pay $2.98 and sign up for a credit card or whatever.
Each time you scam someone by getting them to sign up for stuff, ZNZ gets paid, than they turn around and pay you for doing it.

The other companies may or may not have a policy about selling your information. Many of them don’t care! Many of these companies operate outside the US and are not subject to any US laws.

What is not being said is how it works and to better explain that, I’m going to walk you through the process step by step.

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I went to (Ugly theme, but I digress)

Look at the header – I can have anything I want for Zip Nada Zilch?
It says so right there, first thing you see.

Looky there, #1, I do want some extra cash! Cash for Zip Nada Zilch – well that’s free money!

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There’s a roll of cash – I want that roll of cash! And to get it, I just need to do three simple steps to participate!

And look – after I sign up if I refer friends, they are also going to give me free gifts! Free Cash and Gifts!! WOW!!

Let me just plugin all my information there, they need to know where to send me those gifts, because I’m going to tell everyone where to get the free cash!

Ok one more step to my free cash!

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Well that’s peculiar isn’t it? They want me to signup for offers to get my free cash?
Isn’t it supposed to be FREE?

Click Image to Enlarge

Scrolling down through them and most of them are reputable companies – looky there, WalMart! Well, I know Walmart is a VERY Reputable company and there is a FREE $25 gift card that’s going to cost me $2.98? WHAT? Where’s the free cash?

This is where I kinda get stuck on the honestly part, they told me I could have anything I wanted for Zip Nada Zilch and now they’re telling me that I have to pay $2.98 for a FREE Gift Card – how does that make sense?

(BTW Mr. Brad that page 5 link, in the green box, didn‘t work)

Click Image to Enlarge

Now I have to signup for a credit card in order to get free money?
Credit cards aren’t free money?

And to get a credit card, you have to give things like your social security number – right?

I click the link and through the power of the web I’m arrive at a “Profinity” website, were I need to hand over my information to obtain the credit card, which will cost $2.98 and I will receive only receive .25 credits to go toward my 1.00 credits I need to get that large roll of cash!

Side Note: Profinity is a WHOLE OTHER BLOG POST. Just go to and type Profinity you’ll see what I mean.

What it comes down to is this, ZNZ is a legitimate business. (barely)
I’m sure they pay taxes and I have every reason to believe they send out the referral cash and prices. But how much does it Cost YOU to get FREE stuff?

Remember ZNZ gets paid every time you pay $2.98 and sign up for a credit card or a gift card or agree to try a service.
And each time you get someone elses to sign up for stuff, ZNZ gets paid, than they turn around and pay you for doing it. They pay you to scam other people!

Getting back to the point – IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FREE MONEY!! Why are you paying for something that’s free?

But do you know what aggravates me the most about this?
Mr. Brad is probably bring in a pretty good living thanks to his affiliate website of free money.
While sitting at my kitchen table, writing posts, trying to protect people from Affiliate Schemes pays Zip Nada Zilch! I rarely make a profit off any post. Mr. Brad knows that. I can’t imaging he’s all that worried that my little website will ever reach anyone. There could be possibly 100 people who will read this post and most of those will leave comments telling me that I’m a wicked person and that they make good money with ZNZ so it can‘t possibly be a scam, because as we all know no one actually makes money with scams – eye roll.

So here you go:
That’s my ZNZ affiliate link. Click it. See for yourself. Get all that free cash – hey, you’ll be doing me a favor. Please do it! I could use the money.

Please Note: that I am complying with ZNZ terms, I have been completely honest with you.
I also took most of what I have told you from the Terms and Conditions – I suggest you read them.

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I could go on, but there is really no point, either you’re going to fall for the scam or you’re intelligent. I’ve given you my side of the story, now you can read Mr. Brads.



From: Brad
Subject: Regarding a Recent Post of Yours

Message Body:
Hi there!

I would have much rather e-mailed you directly in regards to this, but unfortunately I was not able to find an e-mail address on your website so this will have to do. First off, I’d like to let you know who I am. I am the owner of, a website you recently portrayed as a scam on the following post:

Latest Online Employment Scam – ZipNadaZilch

The first thing I would like to point out is that we do not condone users to portray our website as any sort of employment, job, etc. Doing so is strictly against our advertising guidelines and depending on the severity, could result in the user being banned immediately from our website. Our website is what’s called a referral-based incentive website, and there are hundreds if not thousands of websites out there just like ours that are legitimate, we are just among the most popular.

While we do our best to monitor how our users are gathering their referrals, it is unfortunately impossible to monitor everything which results in situations like this where our users are doing something prohibited to gather referrals. We also do not receive or ask for any credit card details as it’s completely free to sign up for an account on our website and always will be. It is true our advertisers do ask for that information, but the offers on our website are very reputable companies that will not sell a users credit card information as we do not add offers that are sketchy or questionable. I would also like to point out we do not sell any users information, as it is strictly stated within our Privacy Policy we do not.

Still, I can definitely understand your skepticism, after all there are a lot of scams out there nowadays. However, we’ve been in business for nearly 5 years without having any major problems and other incentive sites have been around for even longer. We’ve shipped out more than $3,500,000.00 in prizes to our users over the last 5 years and are well known as we’ve worked very hard to get to where we are now.

Regardless of the above, I would kindly like to request the three links you removed within your post so we can identity the user in question on our website and look into this further. The links would be the ones under “Enter & Apply here:”, “Here is the ZNZ website with Questions and Answers:” & “Here is the ZNZ Facebook Page (just opened today):”. These links will help us look into this users account, how they are gathering their referrals, etc and so appropriate action can be taken.

Rather or not you choose to truly look into how our website works and update your post accordingly is up to you, but I did have to contact you as I don’t like false information to be spread about my website, especially when false statements like our advertisers will sell the users credit card information is made. Even if you choose to keep your post as-is, I will have to kindly request those three links so we can look into the users account, as without that, we have no way of stopping her from violating her rules, if she is.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Update 3/31/12
I am going to close the comments because of rude comments.
Rule of thumb, if you’re going to lie and you want your comment posted, don’t insult the intelligence of the blogger or the others who have left comments.
Comments left in a civil tone, I have approved. But comments in CAPS which try to justify credit card fraud, I have not.

I will NOT allow bullying on my blog. We are supposed to be adults, act like it and I will open the comments again. Keep it up and it is easier to just block your IP – which by the way is tracked and has been handed over to the authorities.

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