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I think this may be my first newsletter ever!
I’m not sure, but I’ve been collecting subscribers forever, I think 1,200 people subscribed to my blog this month – I use to have this stupid email program that would send out an email every Sunday with a list of my posts – it was stupid and annoying. It annoyed me and It’s My Blog!
So I made a change and that would make this my FIRST REAL Newsletter ever!

Ok, so lets cover some important topics ….. nothing really comes to mind.

So lets skip over important topic and give a Shout Out!

First Shout Out is to Treasure Soap! [ http://treasuresoap.com/ ] (Not sponsored, just like the soap)
This stuff is AWESOME! It’s Jewelry IN A BAR OF SOAP! And as a bonus you get clean and smell good. The Jewelry is Gorgeous and you don’t stink! What more could you ask for?

And Treasure Soap is the Perfect (inexpensive) Gift. It even comes in Kid bars!
Yeah I’m ordering about 20 of those! That will get my kids to wash! It’s like a happy meal that gets them clean!

Let me give you just a hit of what they have: Organic, Kids bars, Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap, Cucumber Melon with Ring Soap, Apple Cinnamon Soap with Ring, Chocolate Scented Soap with Earrings – just to name a few. And they’re all under like 9 bucks!

It’s the perfect gift for your mother, sister aunt, best friend, best friends kids, a gift to have on hand for all those birthday parties your kid gets invited to. Go, See, Order. [free shipping coupon code: FreeShip13]

treasure soap treasure soap Treasure Soap cupcake treasure soap

Ok, next on the list of topics: the 52 week Money Challenge.
It’s week 22. That’s $253.00 in the till – how do you spell till – well, how does one spell it correctly? Regardless – money in the jar should equal $253.00 WOW!

If you haven’t started, this could be your week 1. Just drop by my blog and print out the chart, grab a jar and a buck and get started – You’ll thank me in 22 weeks! https://stuckathomemom.com/52-week-money-challenge/the-52-week-money-challenge-week-22/

I think that’s about all for this newsletter – Next time I plan to add Images!!
So stay close and send me all your “How Do I” questions. [ https://stuckathomemom.com/contact-lil-ol-me/ ]


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