Random Saturday Exhaustion Babbling

Thursday, my 7 year old daughter had an Epic Meltdown – the kind, that as a parent, makes you want to disavow any knowledge of said child!
This one was so horrible that I am to embarrassed to post what she did (well, at this time anyway!) Let’s just say – Normally, we parent through Reward. HAA! It’s punishment time now.

This meltdown lasted the entire drive home, into the house and for about 15 minutes sitting on her bunk. I’m so thankful I have understanding neighbors.


The other day, Treasure’s teacher wrote a note that read “No Eating Play Doh” and taped it to the table. Treas took one finger and covered the word “No” and another to cover the “ing” Then read “Eat Play Duh” This kid knows exactly what she’s doing – she’s just making us jump through hoops! Come On What 4 year old is capable of that – well other than mine! I’m beginning to think her “Special Need” is just US!

TaeKwonDo Belt Testing Today.
This is my Board Breaking Montage
(I’m at 0:18, the first Adult in an Orange Belt.)

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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